We love beer. 

We think Alberta beer should be brewed with Alberta hops!


We are growing premium quality hops exlcusively for Alberta Craft-Brewers.


We love beer. We are homebrewers who love the process. Growing hops in Alberta is the best way for us to contribute to the "Made in Alberta" beer scene. Its too early to tell what characteristics Alberta hops will bring to beer, but we're excited to find out!


Lynn is the President 

Jennifer is the Treasurer 

Spencer has 20+ years in the Agriculture business. The green thumb.  

Randy is an Entrepreneur who has worn many hats. The marketer.  



We think that sutainablility is important. We compost and recyle wherever possible to reduce the impact of our activities.


Our Trellis' are constructed from recycled materials

Our Fertilizer is composted from our other agriculture products



2017 we contributed hops for two wet hop beers. The two brewers we worked with said yes to us before we had grown our first cone. We'll remember thier support always. You should buy and drink thier beer!


Origin Malting and Brewing - Noble Black Imperial Pale Ale

Outcast Brewing - New England Imperial Pale Ale



Just a couple of couples who love beer.