Gearing up for spring

    Here we are at the end of the first week of March.  The runway to growing season is getting very short, and there is so much to do!


    So far this winter we have:

    • Decided to plant 1 additional acre of hops
    • Acquired 100 recycled cedar posts
    • Acquired 4000' of recycled wire rope
    • Ordered 1200 hop rhizomes
    • Ordered 25000 feet of coir twine
    • Ordered 5000 hop clips
    • Received quotes for irrigation systems
    • Perfected hop plant propagation from cuttings

    Now, the real work begins. 


    Coming before May 1st.

    • Drill holes and stand posts
    • Install cables and anchors
    • Acquire and Install irrigation systems
    • Plant rhizomes

    It doesn't sound that hard when you read it, right?

    Follow us on twitter @pairodicehops for live updates as we progress.



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