• This week in the hop yard - July 7th

    We thought it would be useful to share the progress and activities going on in the hop yard each week as things progress.

    Its a very exciting time right now because the plants are starting to shift from vertical growth to horizontal growth and flowering.

    There are still many daily activities to tend to. Pulling weeds is a non-stop activity. And, there are many hops that are still small and require training onto the strings. One of our youngest hop farmers has successfully trained 4 buckwheat plants onto hop strings. Quite a feat for a young man.

    We have an extremely warm and dry weather pattern this week, and are watering every morning in the coolest hours.

    We had two exciting events this week. First we announced a Field to Glass tour of the hop yard, and we were the topic of an article in AB Farmer Express on the Booming Alberta Craft Beer industry and the spin off to the hops industry.

    The upcoming week will have more watering, weed control, and marveling at the growth of the hops. We also get to pick up our new hop T-shirts from Level2 Sportsware.