Heritage Hops

As we talk to people about hops, it becomes clear that people have been growing them in Alberta as long as people have been settling here.

Our goal is to find, document and collect heritage hops from around Alberta. Bringing them together in one place should paint an interesting picture of the Alberta history of this amazing plant.


Tell us about your hops
Hops we've found

If you have hops that have been growing on your property, we'de love to hear from you.  Any information about where they came from, how long they've been there and who might of planted them would be welcome. We'll come and dig a sample for replanting in our heritage garden.


Email us at: or call 403-361-0590 and let us know your story.

 Here are the hops we've found and collected thus far.


1. Bartelen Homestead - Lyalta Alberta


Growing up against the original homestead house amongst an overgrown Lilac tree, is a robust hop plant. No one can remember where it came from, or when it was planted. They've dug it up and sprayed it but it  keeps coming back.


2. Dahl Farm - Gleichen Alberta


We've just learned of this farmstead that has old world hops that have been there as long as anyone can remember. We'll gather a sample as soon as the ground thaws.